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2nd semester/2017

Workshop Coordinator(s) Associate Coordenator(s) Date Local
F&H8/New Food, Beverage & Packaging
Development of new food and beverages packaging
Eloisa Garcia (ITAL), Sílvia Tondella Dantas (ITAL) Cristiane Lopes Oliveira (Nestlé) October 9th and 10th ITAL
AG4/Animal Production
New technologies and systems for animal production
Antonio Batista (IB), Renata Arnandes (IZ) to be defined November 8th and 9th IAC
B&C12/Enzimes & Green Chemistry
Enzymes and green chemistry
Andreas Gombert (FEA/UNICAMP), Isabel Arends (TU Delft) to be defined November 27th and 28th UNICAMP

1st semester/2018

Workshop Coordinator(s) Associate Coordenator(s) Date Local
AG3/Sustainable Water
Sustainable water use
Regina Matos Pires (IAC), José Teixeira (FEAGRI/UNICAMP) Campinas Water & Sewage Treatment Company –SANASA February 5th and 6th IAC
F&H9/Food & Beverage Technologies
Emerging technologies of food and beverages processing and preservation
Marcelo Cristianini (FEA/UNICAMP) Gisele Banwart -Unilever (to be confirmed) March 26th and 27th UNICAMP
AG6/New Bioeconomy Industry
New products and processes for the Brazilian Bioindustry
Marcos Machado (IAC), Gerson Silva Giomo (IAC), Raffaella Rossetto (Programa Cana IAC/APTA) Emílio Fávero, President of ABPCM and Sectorial Chamber of Citrus/SAA May 7th and 8th IAC
Presentation of project results
Sérgio A. M. Carbonell (IAC), Luís Cortez (FEAGRI/UNICAMP), Lilian C. Anefalos (IAC) to be defined June 30th FAPESP

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